Reason for being  

Chez Africa. Chez is French for 'at the home of' and is pronounced shay, or shea as in shea butter. We're at home with Africa and we welcome you.

We started using shea butter as a general skin moisturizer more than five years ago, seeking something richer and longer-lasting than the lightweight body lotions and creams available. Although it delivered results, it was a bit of a chore to use it. So, to soften the solid texture and nutty aroma of plain shea butter, we began to blend this *topical superfood with other beneficial oils and whip it. The result was love. Love of oils. 

Making them for ourselves and simply using and adjusting the mix, until satisfied with the results, is the method. Then, we’re delighted to make more and share them with you! Now, other people enjoy and want this!

We go to great lengths to research and figure out the right combination for each blend, using safe and pure ingredients, for mature, sensitive and delicate skin & hair. 

With our backgrounds as a registered nurse and a green interior designer, we care about what we put in and on ourselves and others, about people, about Earth.

Shea Beauty Blends

We begin with nourishing, pure African Shea Butter. Only safe, pure oils are hand-crafted in, creating body-loving products in fresh, small batches.

We source specific therapeutic and healing plant essential oils. These are cold-pressed extractions, or distilled, down to the essence of each beneficial plant, which amplify the effects of each shea blend.

No refined oils are used, so each blend releases the full spectrum of its essences’ natural scents, engaging your senses.

No further fragrance is added, chemically removed, or masked.

Nothing else. No water. No mineral oil. No petrolatum. No parabens. No fillers. No animal anything. Plant-based. #happyskin

We're on a mission to empower women in transitional phases of life to dream again and to positively alter their world. Stay tuned for updates.

Eva & Rufina, Makers of Chez Africa | Shea Beauty Blends



Rufina & Eva, Makers of Chez Africa | Shea Beauty Blends        Rufina & Eva, Makers of Chez Africa | Shea Beauty Blends