2022 Gift Guide

We still think that our original gift guide is fantastic, (of course we do!) So, we've updated just a couple of things for 2022.

It's never too late to give yourself or, your loved ones, something good. Any time.

If you’re wondering what gift to choose, and have no time to browse? Here are three winning recommendations.

I. The Shea Gift Set, a perennial favorite, is always a winner.

Own it, or gift it. Three body-loving products that work together. Beautifully. 

Shea Shimmer Creme: to glide through any season with alluring skin. Love how this luxuriant highlighting cream makes your skin glow. 

Shea Hand Renewer: for busy, often-washed hands.  Enjoy your aromatherapeutic mini-massage break. A little goes a long way.

Shea Lip Treat: for pillowy soft, dewy lips. Use liberally all day to rev up your smile. Even a secret smile under your mask because it smells good too. It's like dessert for your lips.

II. The Shea Smoothing Skin Butter Set. A bundled trio of our signature skin superfood, for year-round, A-list skin all-over. Handmade, in small, fresh batches. No animals involved.

Experience delight times three. Gift-ready. Share as a set, individually, or stock up for yourself. Never run out. 

III. The Chez Africa | Bliss Gift Card. If you don’t want to decide, you won’t go wrong giving an option with choice. Available in denominations from $25, it’s stress-free and instantaneous present. Not your everyday checkout line selection either.

So, there you have it. No-fail gift choices to delight your family and friends. Breeze right through your list.

Eva & Rufina

Makers of Chez Africa | Shea Beauty Blends