You want an effective way to seal, soften and define your coils

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The TWA, or teeny weeny afro, is always evolving. Keeping a head of healthy, beautiful coils or curls, shouldn't be hard: neither hard to the touch, nor hard to maintain. Whether your hair is close-cropped or a lot longer, wash and wear hair should be simple to do, right? Yes, even fragile, or silver hair. We think so too.

What if your hair is very fine, very dry or shedding a lot?

What about a sensitive scalp?

And of paramount importance to parents, what about children's hair and tender scalp needs?

Then it really matters what blend of ingredients is used to create shiny, snapping styles. Proven, natural, botanical oils nourish the hair and scalp. In trying to avoid 'oily' hair, we often gravitate towards products promising not to be greasy: sometimes at the expense of hair health.

For instance, some gels that set into a crunchy hold, may strip strands of natural sebum over time, and dry out the scalp. Look for the ingredients listed on a hair care product, and you may be surprised that it reads like a hazmat concoction. And what goes on your skin/scalp, is absorbed into your body.

So, consider adding oil-based leave-in conditioners and humectant stylers to your hair care regime. Choose safe preparations that work. For a natural hairdo, they are best applied to damp hair to seal in moisture. You can pat away excess product with a silky scarf and wear a satin-lined sleep cap to bed.

To your hair health!

Rufina & Eva

Makers of Chez Africa | Shea Beauty Blends