What mothers know about self-care

Celebrating Mother's Day this Sunday! We honor all moms past, present and future, and moms in every capacity.

To mother a child is to empower a person. We are thankful to our own mothers, who showed us how to take care of our bodies, in time-honored ways.

For self-care, using plant oils extracted from nut-tree food sources abundantly available across Africa, has been the standard for head-to-toe beauty applications. Getting our hair done is often a medal-worthy, unhurried team production. And the thorough application of post-bath skin-moisturizing oils is equally important; indulging the senses and banishing ashiness by preventing dull, dry skin.

So, yes, we're thankful for the hair and skin care foundations our mothers laid for us to build upon. That's one reason we won't compromise with harmful or ineffective ingredients in our blends. Natural, safe, proven preparations were the only options considered to be good enough for their families' personal use. Our mothers would rightly be horrified at the prevalence of toxic chemicals used in many commercial beauty products.

When you want to be sure that your personal care preparations are good for mature, sensitive or delicate skin, and stressed or fragile hair, we've got you. 

Ask us! We will be happy to connect with you and answer questions. #mothersday

Eva & Rufina